TONNEAU KING® 2 in 1 Bin Liner – Dust Seal Kit


2 in 1 – Bin Protector with Dust Seal Kit in One. Made to not only protect your bakkie bin and tailgate, but dustproofs your bin out at the same time.

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The tonneau LINER is the newest, most innovative product in the WORLD, made to not only protect your bakkie bin and tailgate, but dustproofs your bin out at the same time.  The stylish carpeted look brings you a soft feel with a rugged, tough constructed surface to use, making your bin look as good as your carpeted Cabin.

The tonneau LINER is made to withstand harsh conditions when it comes to loading cargo on your bakkie.  The special blend of our Polypropylene composite material, tonneau KING®’s own blend, allows a careless venture as no chemical can damage this UNIQUE material, it won’t deteriorate in our South African weather and leaves your bin odorless & tidy.  No, we cannot sell this to you for your children’s room…!

There are numerous options available on the market when it comes to bakkie bin linings, however nobody in the World can offer you what a tonneau LINER/dust proof unit, can!


  1. 1st  IN THE WORLD PRODUCT – Bin Protector & Dust Seal in One
  2. 5 YEAR GUARANTEE – Extremely non-fading durable & hard wearing materials used
  3. TOP QUALITY MATERIALS – Polypropylene composite, underlayer of Ripstop with Industrial Velcro strips, EPDM rubbers & complete bin dust kit
  4. EXTREMELY STRONG – Polypropylene composite can withstand the roughest handling with machinery, rubble or anything you can throw on it.
  5. ODOUR RESISTANT – Old Blood (Hunting) Spilt milk, petrol etc. leaves no odour after washed off
  6. CHEMICAL RESISTANT – No chemical (Bleach, acid, thinners, old oil, petrol etc.) will stain or damage material
  7. DO YOU NEED TO RUBBERIZE – No not at all, it is an extremely strong protection for your bin – NO NEED TO RUBBERIZE ANYMORE!
  8. EASE OF INSTALLATION – Velcro strips fitted to rubberized & non-rubberized bins in a few minutes (Remove & Refit in SECONDS)
  9. EASE OF CLEANING – Can be washed off with pressure washer or vacuumed on bin or be removed for same process
  10. DUST PROOFING – EPDM Dust seals fitted to liner + dust kit dust proofs your entire bin
  11. WATER PROOFING – The 2 layers of Ripstop & Polypropylene is waterproof – Water or liquids can not be absorbed due to polypropylene qualities as carpets do.
  12. LOOK & FEEL – Your bin looks & feels as neat as your carpeted Cab on inside, making it an enormous boot.
  13. DIY & NO WARRANTY LOSS ON VEHICLE – Due to No-drilling

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Ford Ranger, GWM P SERIES, Isuzu, Mazda BT, Mercedes Benz X Class, Mitsubishi Triton, Nissan Navara, Toyota Hilux, Volkswagen Amarok, Ford Raptor, Ford Thunder/Stormtrak, Ford Wildtrak, Peugeot Landtrek, Volkswagen Aventura, Volkswagen Panamericana

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