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The tonneau KING® Story

tonneau KING® manufactures, sells, and distributes unique patented tri-fold® tonneau covers and accessories for bakkies and 4×4 vehicles. These accessories are focused on convenience and DIY fitment without having to drill into the vehicle while being affordable without sacrificing quality.

We distribute our products in retail through direct public sales, as well as through various automotive distributors and dealerships that choose to partner with us. Our mission is to be the only No-drilling DIY Fitment Company in the world.

We provide products of the highest quality standard. We believe in doing business in an ethical, fair, and legal way, with honesty and mutual benefit to all parties involved.

tonneau KING® Timeline


tonneau KING® was founded in 2013 by Quintin du Plessis. He realised that there is much value to create in the market of Automotive Accessories by looking at the hassles people experience with existing products. He then developed the tri-fold® covers range for the South African market and launched the first-ever lockable soft tonneau cover in South Africa, followed by the hard tri-fold® cover.

Styling bar brackets

He designed and created the No drill styling bar brackets to accommodate our clients who already had a styling bar installed. This was too designed as a DIY product with an easy, no hassle & drill free fitment. Other companies followed and used our concept to accommodate their own type of tonneau covers.


In 2015 he developed a universal dust seal kit for all tailgates which fit with no drilling and/or damage to the vehicle.
The fully comprehensive dust seal kit is the only seal kit in the world to cover the entire bin against dust, providing your type of tonneau cover or Canopy seals sufficiently on the top of the tailgate, like our tonneau KING® tri-fold®.

tonneau SEAL kit

We launched the tonneau SEAL kit in 2016 and made every bakkie owner think twice before drilling holes into their vehicle, which decreases the value and rust can develop.  With the no-drilling, user friendly DIY kit we quickly entered the market and is today the largest supplier of dust seal kits.

Supreme Hard tri-fold®

In 2017 he developed the best-seller Supreme Hard tri-fold® cover which is the combination of both hard and soft, another first for South Africa and the rest of the world.  His aim was to create & design the most cost-effective hard cover by far, with the longest guarantee in the world. Needless to say, this is our top selling tonneau cover by far.

Nationwide Distribution

Over the past years, we have grown to become a business with nationwide distribution to various countries, even shipping outside the borders of South Africa, also with products Internationally approved by Ford Motor Company.

tonneau KING® Stainless Steel Roll bars

With the vehicle warranties failing bakkie owners daily, we developed the first no-drill styling bar in South Africa, designed to fit with the tri-fold® cover range and shaped according to every cab.  By the end of 2019 this was no longer an option to our clients but a necessity.  They no longer had issues with vehicle warranties and had no need to fit an odd-looking styling bar.

Bigger is Better

By the end of 2020, quite a rough year due to Covid, we were in the fortunate position to move to a larger location to accommodate the growth and development of planned product releases.  We started the process of developing our unique bin liner during the Covid lockdown.

Full Steam Ahead

We started 2021 with a bang.  With three or more products in the pipeline. We hoped to hit the market with a product launch soonest. We opened a whole new manufacturing department, searched for, and employed fantastic personnel who puts initiative to any product.

The Wait is Over!

After a long process of planning and testing we finally launched the tonneau LINER.  The biggest mission was to develop a 2 in 1 product, it protects your bakkie bin as a liner while sealing off all dust from the tailgate section.  We retrieved most bakkie templates and had to manufacture several backorders before getting to a point where the product could be in available stock.

Planning is The Key

With a fully functional manufacturing team we have exciting new products about to hit the market.

Our Products

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What Our Clients Say

Gareth Pyne-James
Gareth Pyne-James
Quality product backed by friendly and professional service.
Marcus Jonker
Marcus Jonker
Allen Hilton
Allen Hilton
Exceptional Quality. It's not often you come across a product that you only have to buy once. My tri-fold cover is around 5 years old and apart from a few scratches due to being stored in my garage, it still looks new... Even after 5 years of mostly living in the sun. It hasn't needed any fancy treatments or cleaners... just the same car soap the rest of the car is cleaned with and it gets it shine back. I wouldn't think twice about buying another one or any other Tonneau King product, quality is on point.
Randal Albertus
Randal Albertus
The online order process is good and efficient. I spoke with Tiaan and he assisted me with some technical questions. I decided to collect the Supreme Trifold hard cover from Pretoria. Tiaan and his colleague showed me how to install it and it literally took 2 minutes to install.
Amerique Botha
Amerique Botha
Tiaan Fourie
Tiaan Fourie
Good day Shaun . Thank you for reaching out . We are sorry to hear that our product dit not meet your requirements . Please just note that we did tell you that there is no tonneau cover on the market that is 100 % waterproof, However we have proper seal in place right around the entire 6063 grade aluminum frame to ensure minimum water penetration, it is also the only cover that seals on top of the tailgate. We will happily give you a full refund as we do not want any customers that are unhappy with our totally unique products. Our tonneau KING covers are the first covers ever to be approved world wide. The four nylon 6(not plastic) clamps was part and parcel of the approval, therefor was the handles and seals etc. tested under numerous conditions to get the prestigious approval. We will contact you soon to make further arrangements with yourself. We can assure you that we ONLY have happy clients throughout our 11 years of doing business. Best Regards tonneau KING
Willem Nel
Willem Nel
Ordered soft fold tonneau cover. Product delivered in 3 days. Excellent quality and love the design. So easy to for. Really impressed with my purchase

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